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Changes by Version.

Version 8.8242
   Fix Language change reverting to Plus 11 when closing file.

Version 8.8240
   Fix for Menu | Language change when in the Navigator.
   Fix for F1 help error.
   Update Navigator for Visual dBASE 5.

Version 8.8120
   Added support for Windows 10.
   Added support for Plus 10, Plus 9, and Plus 8 installations.
   Added Ctrl+F6 accelerator for multi-monitor reposition.
   Changed file backup technique to the same as Plus.
   When saving a file, the default preference will,
   save the Original file as "Backup of " fileName.
   Previous "Backup of " file is moved to the recycle bin.
   The editor does NOT delete compiled files.
   The codebase has been substantially changed.

Version 8.6212
   Fix to Preferences "Use Program Colors".
   Fix to Preferences "Highlight current line".
   Update to allow Ctrl + Y to remove line.
   Update support for Plus Html Help.
   Update to support Windows 8.
   Update syntax highlighting for Plus ADO.
   Update for a few of the bitmaps used.
   Update to Syntax highlighting for HTML and JavaScript.
   Added Preference item to reset the edit window properties.
   Added 2 View|Menu click Color schemes for the edit window.
   Added support for double-click procedures when no filename extension is used.

Version 8.5519
   Fix Plus 2.8 runtime compatibility.
   Fix window selection when canceling a File|Open.
   Added Language selection for Plus (Borland or Microsoft) build.
   Default Plus Language is for the current Plus Runtime in use.
   Improvements to treeview navigation for ini, and iss file types.
   Improvements to format document.
   Improvements to SourceAlias and Include Double-Click file open
     when newer and older versions of Plus are on computer.

Version 8.4631
   Fix when used as an IDE editor for long filenames.

Version 8.4325
   Fix crash when selecting a procedure file in treeview for some versions of Plus.
   Fix F1 help call for some situations.

Version 8.4305
   Fix mouseover events.

Version 8.4301
   Fix menu items View|Toolbars.
   Fix Format Document last line formatting.
   Fix Syntax selector positioning to support multiple monitors.
   Fix F12 lookup keyword error.
   Fix application closing with escape key.
   Fix scrollBars turning on when not desired.
   Fix when restoring application from icon.
   Language highlighter and selector for Plus 2.7 syntax.
   Visual change to toolbar and statusbar.

Version 8.2903
Operational changes:
   Application now accepts up to 6 filenames passed to it.

Version 8.2829
   Possible Intelligent syntax selector (F12) error.

Version 8.2731
   Installer has Plus Runtime 2.62 (b2119).
   Language highlighter and selector for Plus 2.62 syntax.
Operational changes:
   Intelligent syntax selector (F12) places
   the selected word near the top of the selector.
   File navigator Auto-Parses ini and iss files.

Version 8.2701
Operational changes:
   Added a Format tab to the Preferences dialog
   to operate with the menu Tools|Format choices.
   Changed menu item Find|Events... to Lookup word...(F12)
   The Lookup word selection has a large number of
   common syntax (for the current Languge) displayed
   in a listview format that you can select from.
   The lookup attempts to locate the word that is being typed.
   For example:
   type onleft press F12 and the selection
   will be at the 1st word beginning with onLeft.
   Pressing enter will insert the selection in place
   of the current word onleft.

Version 8.2508
   Error when a File save is to a read only file.
   File open dialog display for "All files".
   Random program crash when the treeview
   is being re-built after a file save.
Operational changes:
   When moving between editor windows,
   the active control is maintained from the
   last time the window was active.
   Added 2 menu items Tools|Format Document
   and Tools|Format Selection to align
   source code constructs in dBase syntax.
   Added menu item Find|Events... (F12)
   to popup an event selector for insertion.

Version 8.1601
   Preference change for Display Find string.
   Printing in color.
   Color dialog custom colors.
   Possible error when advedit.ini file is read-only.
Operational changes:
   Frame position is stored in user\Local\appData.

Version 8.1427
   Repaint of the editor window scrollbars.
   Updating of menu, and toolbar options.
   Updating the Menu File|Reopen sequence.
   Comment Selection option.
   Left margin display with Bookmarks.
   Color syntax display when using both Editors at the same time.
Operational changes:
   Backup files are placed in user\temp folder as "Backup of ".
   Undo feature remains useable between saves.
   Removed toolbar icon for first and last Bookmark.
   Treeview and Bookmark navigation positions the cursor at the 1st character on the line.
   Improved Treeview icon selection for custom objects.
Operational Additions:
   Automatic store/restore of the Find and Replace list.
   Automatic store/restore of Keyboard shortcuts assigned in the properties dialog.
   Treeview file navigation for #include declarations.
   Treeview mouse dblClick opens #include file in a new window.
   Treeview file navigation for set procedure declarations.
   Treeview mouse dblClick opens set procedure file in a new window.
Menu Additions:
   Added File Menu options for:
     Insert File...
     Open Include File
     Open Procedure File
     Open Backup File
   Added Edit Menu options for:
     Clear Undo
   Added Tool Menu options for:
     Indent Selection
     Un-Indent Selection
     Lower case Selection
     Upper case Selection
     Insert tabs in Selection
     Remove tabs in Selection
     Pad Lines by Space...
     Pad Line(s) by Space in Selection...
     Pad Lines by Space in all Windows...
     Pad Lines to fixed Width...
     Pad Line(s) to fixed Width in Selection...
     Trim Lines
     Trim Line(s) in Selection
     Trim Lines in all Windows
   Added Find Menu and options for:
     Find next
     Find previous
     Replace all
     Replace in Selection
     Replace in all Windows
     Clear Find list
     Clear Replace list
     Go to Line...
   Added Bookmarks Menu and options for:
     Bookmark On/Off
     Go to first Bookmark
     Go to previous Bookmark
     Go to next Bookmark
     Go to last Bookmark
     Clear Bookmarks
Version 7.2223
   Toolbar change to accomodate an application color change.
   Added toolbar locking option.
   Fix for toolbar close button.
   Fix for deployment of runtime files on Vista.
   Additional fixes for stability.
Version 7.0421
   Fix erratic display when moving the splitter with Plus 2.614 or newer runtime.
   Update for Plus 2.614 language changes.
   Update for Plus 2.615 language changes.
   Update the Plus runtime in the installer to 2.615 (b2083).
Version 7.0328
   Fix "=" may be iconized in the treeview when it should not.
   Fix a line with "class" following a line with "endclass" may not have been iconized in the treeview.
   Update to improve parser performance.
Version 7.0314
   Fix to JavaScript languge syntax.
Version 7.0308
   Fix application respecting closing windowState.
Version 7.0306
   Fix toolbar may appear out of position after dragging.
   Update to improve parser performance.
Version 7.0000
   A Redo selection has been added.
   Fix tooltip display when object is deactivated.
   Syntax highlighting for Html has been removed.
   Update syntax highlighting.
   Update the underlying architecture.
   Advanced Web Editor has been added to the product.
   Advanced Web Editor has syntax highlighting for
   Html, JavaScript, VbScript, and 32 bit dBase.

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