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Frequently asked Questions
   When starting Advanced Editor, why does it seem to be slowing down ?
   The MRU list may need to be cleared.
   Click the menu File|Preferences.
   Checkmark the Clear MRU List.
   Click Save.

   How do I use the Open Header and Procedure files feature ?
   Include files and set procedure files can be opened by
   double-clicking on their icon in the navigation window
   or selecting the icon in the navigation window and using the File menu.

   How do I use the Intelligent Syntax Selector ?
   Press F12 or choose menu Find|Lookup word...
   Press Enter or click the Select button to choose.
   Press Esc or Select the Cancel button to ignore.

Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista notes:
   Advanced Editors follow the Windows UAC security model by running "asInvoker".
   Advanced Editors can be changed to run as "highestAvailable" or "requireadministrator" if desired.
   The standard Advanced Editor installation updates the PLUS Runtime to run "asInvoker".
   If You decide to change the trustInfo in a manifest file, be sure to change it in all 3 files.
   advedit.exe.manifest, advwedit.exe.manifest, and PLUSrun.exe.manifest.
   The trustInfo MUST match in all 3 files to work properly.

   How do I use Advanced Editor as the default editor in PLUS, dB2K, VdB 7.x, or VdB 5.x ?
   From the dBASE Desktop properties dialog (Files tab), browse to and select advedit.exe.

   NOTE: To use Advanced Editor as the default editor in VdB 5.x:
   VdB 5.x is unable to call Advanced Editor when it is installed to the default folder.
   The Advanced Editor installation must be to a folder using the 8.3 naming convention.
   If the installation has already been performed to a non 8.3 folder:
     Un-install Advanced Editor from Control Panel Add/Remove programs.
     Delete the installation folder and all sub-folders.
     Perform the installation again to a folder using the 8.3 naming convention.
     For example, install to c:\apps\editor

   How do I turn on the editor scrollbars ?
   Use CTRL + E or select the Menu Language|Editor Properties
     to open the Editor Properties dialog.
   Select the Misc tab.
   Place checkmarks in Show horizontal, vertical scrollbar.
   Click OK button.
   There are many other custom settings that can be set here.

   How do I install a newer Version of Advanced Editor ?
   Un-install Advanced Editor from Control Panel Add/Remove programs.
   After an Un-install, for those who wish all previous remnants removed:
     1) Remove any of these folders that exist:
         User\AppData\Local\AdvancedSSI\Advanced Editor
         User\AppData\Local\AdvancedSSI\Advanced Web Editor
         User\AppData\Roaming\AdvancedSSI\Advanced Editor
         User\AppData\Roaming\AdvancedSSI\Advanced Web Editor
     2) Using regedit remove any of these keys that exist:
         HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Advanced System Services\Advanced Editor
         HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Advanced System Services\Advanced Web Editor
         HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Advanced System Services\Advanced Editor
         HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Advanced System Services\Advanced Web Editor
   Run the new Installation file.

   How can a vertical block of text be selected ?
   Hold the Ctrl key down, then select the block area by using the mouse.

   Is there any way for the treeview to display custom objects with the baseClassName icon ?
   Use a classname for the custom object that starts or ends with the
   first 4 (or more) characters of a standard baseClassName.
   for example: CHECKBmy, NOTEBmy, PUSHBmy, RADIOBmy, TEXTLmy
   for example: myCHECKB, myNOTEB, myPUSHB, myRADIOB, myTEXTL

   How can Syntax changes be made ?
   User Syntax changes are not supported.
   Syntax changes, additional Languages, or Application modifications may be requested.
   The E-Mail Link at the bottom of this page may be used to make requests.

   What is the file size limit for Advanced Editor ?
   The file size limitation has been removed.
   Faster support of files larger than 500kb is accomplished by
   having the treeview display selection points in increments of 10%
   from top to bottom instead of parsing objects and methods in the file.

E-Mail: any questions/suggestions regarding Advanced Editor.