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Assistant is a Form with Menu, Toolbar, and Popups that runs inside the dBASE IDE.
   dBASE PLUS or dB2K.
   Windows 2000sp4 or newer.
The assistant is distributed with full Source code.

The original purpose of the Assistant was a GUI
that provided click access to files in sourceAlias folders.
It now provides many capabilities with a click of the mouse.

Download Version 8 Installation file ( 2.4 MB to Install Assistant.
Assistant is FreeWare. Feel free to Modify source as You wish.
Version 8.xxxx is written for dBASE PLUS and has been improved for dB2K users.

Latest released version is 8.6117 (September 2016).

Changes since the first version 8.xxxx release.
How to get started FAQ.

What can the Assistant do ?


1st release for PLUS, December 30, 2002.
1st release for dB2K: July 20, 2001.
1st release for VdB 7.5: October 19, 2000.

E-Mail: any questions/suggestions regarding Advanced Editor.